That’s ambition in a bottle.

That’s what Bozak represents to co-founders and longtime friends Dan and Jason.

Years ago, the seeds for Bozak’s success were sown when these friends departed college for indentured servitude in corporate America and the U.S. Army.  They could have never predicted it at the time, but the suffering they endured dedicating the best days, weeks, and years of their lives sweating into office chairs and Humvees alike would play an important – if not essential – role in the creation of Bozak.

In an effort to regain control of their bodies, lives, and dignity, Bozak was formed. Designed to perform in ways other brands can’t, Bozak represents body powder at its fullest potential. Going further, so you can too.

For every early morning, late night, and moment in between, Bozak was made to never give you another reason to take life lying down.

Life’s short. Grab it by the Bozak.

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