Man wearing striped boxers with hands over crotch

It’s no secret that sweaty balls stink.

Whether you’re breaking a sweat after working out or perspiring more when you’re stressed, this extra moisture can be a breeding ground for odor-causing bacteria. Luckily, sweaty balls don’t have to be your new normal.

Read on for our best tips on how to stop the sweat dripping down your balls.

Why are My Balls Always Sweaty?

While Lil Jon created a catchy rap about the sweat drip down his balls, we all know the reality of ball sweat is not as glamorous.

Everyone produces sweat, but some areas experience excessive sweating more than others thanks to apocrine glands. According to Medical News Today, these particular sweat glands are common in the armpits and groin area and produce sweat when your body temperature rises or when you’re stressed.

Your balls may sweat when you’re stressed, exercising, or when the weather is hot and humid. And while sweat is our body’s way of cooling itself down, the side effects of sweaty balls can be unpleasant. Excessive sweat in your groin area can lead to uncomfortable chafing and the fungal infection known as jock itch.

Stopping Sweaty Balls

There’s never a one-size-fits-all solution to sweaty balls. Using a combination of these solutions is the best way to banish ball sweat for good.

1. Wear Comfortable Clothing

Your clothing choices can affect your ball sweat. Opt for boxers instead of briefs to let your balls breathe. Similarly, look for moisture-wicking cotton fabric instead of anything synthetic if you want to avoid swamp crotch.

The Fabric of our Lives explains how moisture-wicking cotton is designed to draw moisture and perspiration away from your skin. That’s why so much athletic clothing is made from this material!

2. Practice Good Hygiene

Good hygiene is key for keeping your balls fresh and clean. You should be showering and washing your balls at least once a day, especially after you work out. Similarly, you should consider changing your underwear when necessary – whether that means after a brisk walk or work meeting is up to you and how much you sweat.

While showing doesn’t stop you from sweating, it does help remove any dirt and build-up where bacteria could thrive. It also helps your groin area stay fresh and dry.

3. Fuel Your Body with Good Food

What you put into your body has to come out. That’s why eating certain foods can change how much you sweat and even how it smells. According to Insider, these types of foods can increase sweating:

  • Spicy foods and drinks can cause your heart rate to increase. This, in turn, raises your body temperature and can cause you to sweat. Pungent foods like hot peppers or chili can even make your sweat smell worse as it leaves your pores.
  • Processed foods take more work for your body to process, which raises your body temp. Avoid overly processed foods like packaged sausages, deli meats, and more.
  • Salty food like potato chips may cause your body to process the added sodium by sweating.

Being dehydrated, caffeine, and alcohol can also make you sweat more. Eating a balanced diet with fruits, veggies, and whole ingredients along with plenty of water can help regulate your body temperature and how much you sweat.

4. Keep Things Trim

How you choose to take care of down there is totally your business. In fact, experts all agree that body hair doesn’t actually cause you to sweat more!

However, the amount of hair you have can affect how your sweaty balls feel. More body hair can hold moisture for longer, making you feel moist and becoming a prime spot for odor-causing bacteria to thrive.

Keeping things trim (along with showering every day) may make you feel better during your workouts.

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