Bozak Smelly Balls

Having balls that don’t smell bad is a lot like having working seatbelts in your car- most of the time, it doesn’t make a difference in your daily life, but when it matters, it really matters. And because your balls generally stay out of sight (and smell), it can be hard to know just how bad the odor is unless you’re getting the kind of feedback that no guy wants to receive.

Why Do My Balls Smell?

To be honest, you should assume your balls don’t smell good. After all, they spent most of their days trapped under two layers of clothing while you sweat and strain your way through commuting, work, exercise, and the complications of daily life. And while you may shower every morning, the heat and sweat that quickly return once you’re on the move creates the ideal environment for stink-causing bacteria to grow. In fact, ball sweat is scientifically proven to be smellier: like your armpits, your groin has special sweat glands called apocrine glands, which produce sweat that’s richer in fat and sugar from regular body sweat, and thus a far more nutritious meal for bacteria.

Keep Them Clean

While daily showering alone just isn’t enough to keep such a sensitive area fresh, it’s absolutely the starting point. Washing your balls regularly with a solid antibacterial soap is a crucial first step to controlling the amount of sweat-eating, smell-producing bacteria that live in your groin area (and all over your body). Be sure to thoroughly, but gently, wash your entire groin- just letting the soapy water drip down isn’t going to cut it. If you work out in the middle of the day or your job involves a lot of sweat and movement, try to rinse off again as soon as possible after sweating to avoid extra bacteria buildup. And always change your underwear after showering- sweat and bacteria in dirty undies will result in an instant return to stinkiness even if you’ve just washed.

Keep Them Dry

In addition to controlling the bacteria, it’s also vitally important to control their food source- your sweat. Fortunately, there’s a few different things you can do that all work together to keep your balls dry and (relatively) fragrant.

First, if you’re wearing cheap, restrictive underwear, it’s time to spring for something better. Good boxer-briefs should fit comfortably, move with your body, and allow for plenty of ventilation so that your groin doesn’t overheat. Many of the premium brands now use modern synthetic fabrics that are lightweight, soft, and actually wick moisture away from the body so that your sweat doesn’t sit against the skin, but 100% cotton will do all of this fairly adequately as well, so there’s no need to break the bank. If you’re looking for a guide to our favorite boxer briefs, we’ve got you covered.

Second, you should consider using a daily powder designed to absorb and control groin sweat. While simple baby powder can do the trick, there are genuine health concerns surrounding talc, the primary ingredient in most legacy powder brands. Today’s purpose-designed men’s powders such as Bozak offer superior protection with talc-free formulas that provide powerful all-day dryness as well as ingredients that kill bacteria, fight fungal infections such as jock itch, keep skin from overdrying, and even leave a soothing, cooling sensation. We truly believe daily powder use is a crucial daily step in every guy’s hygiene routine. Check out our full guide to the leading men’s powders here, and follow all of our suggestions to ensure that you have balls you’d feel proud to show off- to the right person, of course.