Ball Cream For Men

Kick jock itch to the curb with the best lotion for your groin area. Bozak cream for men’s balls is designed to treat jock itch and stop chafing in its tracks. Keep your balls smelling great and feeling fresh with our men’s ball lotion.

Not Your Average Ball Lotion for Men

Stop settling for ball creams that leave you a sticky mess. Bozak ball cream applies like a cream to deliver instant relief for itchy, dry balls but dries to a powder to eliminate mess. Our men’s ball cream is never made with talc or baby powder. Instead, our easy-to-apply ball cream is made with clinically proven ingredients to control friction and stop chafing. Our unique formula is perfect for alleviating itchy balls while absorbing odors. Upgrade your daily manscape routine with the best cream for your balls that ensures your skin stays safe, dry, and fresh every day.

The Standard for Men’s Body Cream

Our men’s ball cream can be used for more than just your sensitive bits. Bozak ball sack cream is great at preventing jock itch before it starts and so much more. This antifungal powerhouse is also perfect for treating athlete's foot. Keep our ball cream on hand to relieve itching and burning when and where you need it the most.

Bozak Powder For Men's Balls Sky Diving bozak cooling cream

Don’t Put Just Anything On Your Balls

Your balls deserve the best. That’s why we only use a mix of premium ingredients and essential oils that work together to protect your skin, stop chafing, and cure most jock itch. Some of our key ingredients include the following.

Learn more about the ingredients that go into our cream for men’s balls.

Bozak Ingredients Cornstarch body powder for men

CORNSTARCH - to keep your skin dry

Bozak Ingredients Aloe Leaf Extract body powder for men

ALOE LEAF EXTRACT - to soothe irritated skin

Bozak Ingredients Micronazole Nitrate body powder for men

MICRONAZOLE NITRATE - to treat jock itch

Bozak Ingredients Peppermint Oil body powder for men

PEPPERMINT OIL - for cooling sensation

Bozak Ingredients Zink Oxide body powder for men

ZINC OXIDE - to reduce odor

Bozak Ingredients Menthol body powder for men

MENTHOL - to reduce itching

Two Formulas Tailored To Your Needs

If you have sensitive skin, you shouldn’t settle for just any type of ball sack cream. That’s why we offer two types of men’s ball cream depending on your needs.

Bozak Antifungal Cooling Cream For Mens Balls compare men's ball powder

Whether you need to treat jock itch or athlete's foot, the Bozak Antifungal Cooling Cream is a great option. Our OG ball cream relieves itching, cracking, and burning to keep your skin feeling its best. Great for ongoing maintenance to ensure your skin stays safe every day.

Bozak Hypoallergenic Cream For Mens Balls compare men's ball powder

If you have sensitive skin, your balls may need some extra care. Our hypoallergenic formula relieves itching and keeps sensitive skin dry, fresh and protected all day long. This fresh ball lotion delivers powerful protection without irritating your skin.

Looking for an All-Purpose Powder?

Do you have your jock itch under control? You should still give your balls the VIP treatment every day. If you want a different way to soothe your skin when headed to the gym, outdoors, or starting any day off as fresh as possible, try our talc-free men’s ball powder. This all-purpose ball powder is formulated with ingredients clinically proven to control friction and chafing. Plus, it’s fortified with menthol to relieve itching and keep you dry, fresh and cool all day long.

Bozak Original Mens Body Powder Trans body powder for men
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