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Absorbs Sweat | Stops Friction | Talc Free

If you don’t like the mess body powder makes, our body cooling cream is a great alternative. Plus, our cooling cream for itchy skin never leaves you a sticky mess! Bozak anti-itch cooling cream applies like a cream to deliver instant relief for itchy, dry balls but dries to a powder to eliminate mess.


Bozak Ingredients Cornstarch body powder for men


Bozak Ingredients Aloe Leaf Extract body powder for men

Aloe Leaf Extract

Bozak Ingredients Micronazole Nitrate body powder for men

Micronazole Nitrate

Bozak Ingredients Eucalyptus Oil body powder for men

Eucalyptus Oil

Bozak Ingredients Oat Extract bozak cooling cream

Oat Extract

Bozak Ingredients Peppermint Oil body powder for men

Peppermint Oil

Bozak Ingredients Zink Oxide body powder for men

Zinc Oxide

Bozak Ingredients Menthol body powder for men


Bozak Ingredients Vitamin E bozak cooling powder

Vitamin E

Bozak Ingredients Soy Lecithin bozak cooling cream

Soy Lecithin

*Includes Other Inactive Ingredients


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Bozak Powder For Men's Balls Sky Diving bozak cooling cream
How do our skin cooling creams deliver that cooling sensation you crave? We put a little extra menthol and peppermint oil in Bozak Original to remind you that you’re alive – and to reduce itching, even hours later. Plus, these ingredients make our cooling lotion for itchy skin smell great. So you can keep your balls and other parts smelling fresh without any added fragrances.
You don’t have to be itchy all over.The best cooling cream for men can come to the rescue when that uncomfortable itch strikes. Bozak cooling body lotion is formulated to treat the itch and stop chafing in its tracks, no matter if it’s your sweaty pits or jock itch.

The unique blend of clinically proven ingredients works together to control friction and stop chafing that can lead to rashes and fungal infections. Premium-grade corn starch and zinc oxide are the dynamic duo that keep your nether region cool and dry while the addition of aloe leaf and oat extract soothe your sensitive skin. Plus, there’s never any talc in our cooling cream for your body. Keep the bad stuff away from your balls and experience how easy it can be to ensure your skin stays cool all day!

39 reviews for Bozak Cooling Cream

  1. Edward Brian (verified owner)

    Some Good /Effective Relief. Having previously purchased the powder – the cream form is much better for specific and adequate coverage. The menthol also provides relief to ‘the itch’. This product works both in the powder and the cream – but I prefer the cream.

  2. Janine (verified owner)

    Still the Best. Loyal customer. Excellent product and customer service. There’s no other cream like their cooling cream out there.

  3. Vincent Farina (verified owner)

    Great product. Tried other over the counter products that did not work. This definitely worked for.

  4. Douglas Geshell (verified owner)

    Excellent products! As advertised – The powder and the cream work great! I will buy again.

  5. Alexis (verified owner)

    Amazing unique product. Please bring this product back! it’s literally the best out of all the other competitors on amazon. It actually lasts all day, plus it has the antifungal which i have not seen anyone else have in their product. I’ve used Beast nutt butter before, but it doesn’t last all day like Bozak cream does. Bozak Cooling Cream is far superior. Please save our balls 🙁

  6. Kody Jewell (verified owner)

    Um amazing. Only thing I ever used that cured all odor and painful rubbing while wearing jeans…. to bad it’s so hard to get.

  7. Little Boom (verified owner)

    I was suffering form “swamp crotch” from working in a hot, humid environment in jeans. I bought this product and it cleared things up in 2-3 days. The cooling effect took away the itchiness. Would definitely buy again.

  8. Janine (verified owner)

    Only product like it! Honestly there is nothing like it out there. There’s cooling deodorizers but not antifungals…and this also moisturizes. It’s an absolutely fabulous product and has helped me TREMENDOUSLY. Thank you.

  9. Leo (verified owner)

    It really helped me with my problemThank you

  10. Dustin Davis (verified owner)

    This item saved my crotch from itself.

  11. D.H. (verified owner)

    About average. Brought some relief to hot spot but beware of when it dries into a white powder. Treatment could get all over clothing.

  12. D.H. (verified owner)

    About average. Brought some relief to hot spot but beware of when it dries into a white powder. Treatment could get all over clothing.

  13. Eleanor R. (verified owner)

    Cools nicely, but very messy and easy to get on clothes This products works better than most of the over the counter jock itch stuff you’ll find in stores. And it feels more effective than their pure powder version of Bozak. The only downside is it’s very easy to get this stuff on your clothes and a pain to get off. Make sure you wash your hands right after use. Recommended though!

  14. Gee Love (verified owner)

    Burns for around thirty seconds if you’ve got a serious case crotch corrosion or rotten crotch and it clears it up too. It is absolutely great on the feet.

  15. SV (verified owner)

    This product contains miconazole at the high concentration of 2% which worked extremely well for me. I had tried other brand name products (T) clotrimazole and (L) butenafine with minimal results and high expense as they come in tiny tubes. Bozak cream worked GREAT, with relief in the first application and with almost all of the problem gone in just 2 days.

  16. Keith Rogers (verified owner)

    Before I ordered this, I was using Equate from Wal Mart. This is far more effective at reducing skin irritation and chafing. I will be buying more.

  17. Arnold Jonathan (verified owner)

    Goid stuff. Cooling. Soothing. Great smell

  18. AnTnY (verified owner)

    Works for jock itch and athletes foot. For the price of one tube and the amount you get you really can’t go wrong. It’s a better value than going to a grocery store for something similar and it smells better.

  19. TIM Steenstrup (verified owner)

    This stuff works! I’ve tried various products but this stuff works the best. I am skeptical about topicals in general, but I was pleasantly surprised but Bozak.

  20. TIM Steenstrup (verified owner)

    This stuff works! I’ve tried various products but this stuff works the best. I am skeptical about topicals in general, but I was pleasantly surprised but Bozak.

  21. Kevin T. (verified owner)

    It’s like a snowman cuddling your crotch. Took care of the itch on the first day and everything is returning to normal. Highly recommend.

  22. CLB (verified owner)

    Cooling and healing at the same time. Dries to a powder. Highly recommend.

  23. Jeff Gaudet (verified owner)

    Like no other! I have use several creams/powders in the past and Bozak is by far the best !

  24. D & S (verified owner)

    Before trying this, husband went to the doctor and was prescribed oral and topical medicine- which didn’t work. Tried another anti fungal for at least a month which also didn’t work.This is the only thing that has caused it to go away. It took awhile- about 1 month. But it’s the only thing that worked!

  25. Steven M. Gray (verified owner)

    Crotch on fire. Well there is nothing quite like having your crotch set on fire. I didn’t expect that. Menthol, really. After the shock it does work though. There should be a warning about the menthol.

  26. William Meyer (verified owner)

    Repeat purchase. Good product, but I was far more favorable toward it when the two-fer was available. The cost is now over twice what it was on that deal, and though I did buy again, I am not happy with the price. With some luck, the itch may finally depart, and this will not become a regular purchase.

  27. Getpacer69 (verified owner)

    Minty crack is whack. Oh my goodness!!!! It does work well, but the cooling/burning is very confusing! I can’t tell if I’m in pain or it feels good! Feels like my balls are sitting on Ice! Like I brushed my butt cheeks with toothpaste. Be prepared for minty fresh ass crack. Your ass will have better breath than you.

  28. M. Wheeler (verified owner)

    Works well!

  29. Penny (verified owner)

    No more Swampness. Very refreshing

  30. Elaine Woodard (verified owner)

    Good product. Good price. Fast free delivery.

  31. Customer (verified owner)

    Seems to relieve itch. Seems to work so far. The itch is mostly gone. My old product seemed to make it worse.

  32. flywatt (verified owner)

    This is the third powder drying cream I’ve tried. It is definitely the most intense “cooling” cream I’ve used. I like it so far. Ill have to update this in a few weeks to review the long term benefits.

  33. Customer (verified owner)

    Love! Second day using this product. It’s amazing! Instant relief! Since I just started that’s all I can say at the moment. The powder becomes messy in your clothes but so far it does what it’s intended to do in terms of instant relief.

  34. D’Andre Cook (verified owner)

    Interesting. Just bought this for jock itch, the cooling is. ……. interesting

  35. Noemi arevalo (verified owner)

    Muy bueno me gusto

  36. Lee B. (verified owner)

    Does exactly what it says. Got jock itch/ringworm/athlete’s foot by using our hot tub and could not get rid of it until I started using this. About a week later it’s gone. The cooling menthol action is a bit weird feeling for the jock itch part, but other than that, amazing product.

  37. anthony j ricci (verified owner)

    No more bat wings !!!

  38. Jillian (verified owner)

    Awesome product!

  39. jeffrey smith (verified owner)

    Works quickly to solve the issue. Better than a spray

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