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Absorbs Sweat | Stops Friction | Talc Free

It’s time to put sweaty, stinky balls to bed. Our cooling body powder for men is designed to give your balls only the best. Our body cooling powder is formulated with a unique blend of essential oils and clinically proven ingredients that are powerhouses at absorbing moisture. The premium-grade corn starch, zinc oxide, and baking soda are the perfect trio for keeping your nether region cool and dry all day long. Plus, there’s never any talc in our cooling powder for your body. Keep the bad stuff away from your balls and experience how easy it can be to beat the heat!


Bozak Ingredients Cornstarch body powder for men


Bozak Ingredients Aloe Leaf Extract body powder for men

Aloe Leaf Extract

Bozak Ingredients Micronazole Nitrate body powder for men

Miconazole Nitrate

Bozak Ingredients Eucalyptus Oil body powder for men

Eucalyptus Oil

Bozak Ingredients Sodium Biocarbonate body powder for men

Sodium Bicarbonate

Bozak Ingredients Peppermint Oil body powder for men

Peppermint Oil

Bozak Ingredients Zink Oxide body powder for men

Zinc Oxide

Bozak Ingredients Menthol body powder for men


Bozak Ingredients Tricalcium Phosphate body powder for men

Tricalcium Phosphate

Bozak Ingredients Vitamin E bozak cooling powder

Vitamin E


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Powder For Men's Balls Motorcycle bozak cooling powder
So, how do we achieve the cooling effect your balls crave? Easy, we put a little extra menthol and peppermint oil in Bozak Original cooling powder to remind you that you’re alive – and to reduce itching, even hours later. These essential oils work double duty to provide an instant cooling sensation and make our powder smell great while remaining fragrance-free.

The best cooling talc-free powder is perfect for soothing sensitive skin, preventing heat rashes, and keeping you cool, dry, and confident throughout the day.

The cooling relief of our ball powder is perfect for those hot summer days, sweaty gym sessions, or nights out. Simply shake some on to be proactive about preventing heat rash or receive instant cooling relief when you need it the most. The best cooling powder for balls is formulated for your sensitive skin. Put the baby powder down and use powder for cooling your balls!
The best cooling body powder is also versatile. Use our cooling powder on your feet, pits, or wherever else you want instant cooling relief.

198 reviews for Bozak Cooling Powder

  1. Nicholas M. Easton (verified owner)

    Better than Gold Bond. I love how strong the cooling is compared to Gold Bond! It’s much better! I just this product everyday. Doesn’t chalk up like Gold Bond either by the end of the day. Only dislike is the bottles feel like they could’ve been filled up more than they are.

  2. Amazon Customer (verified owner)

    Great! Product is as advertised.

  3. Miguel Perez (verified owner)

    No smell! Awesome! Keeps the boys dry and the stank away. The cooling effect is great it feels fresh!

  4. Nick (verified owner)

    Cooling & Absorbent. Let’s just say cooling and absorbent. What else are you looking for really? It’s not doing your taxes or driving you to the airport, but it does its job.

  5. jamieson (verified owner)

    BEST IN THE WORLD… Just go ahead and throw all other powders away. I live in humid florida and let me tell u in 100 plus heat with 90% humidity my nether region is dry as can be. Love it will buy more 100%.

  6. Jonathan Sargent (verified owner)

    Cool it now! So far love this product! Long lasting frictionless under the pants action! Keeps the backside in check as well! Over all refreshing cool feel.

  7. Jangmo (verified owner)

    Works like a mofo. This stuff works great. My gooch is thankful

  8. Customer (verified owner)

    Cool and dry. Excellent product. Nice and cool. Keeps everything dry.

  9. Itatian (verified owner)

    Best Product on the market! By far the best on the market. I have used other products before but this one is the best. I have test to the extreme heat and it hold up. Thank you

  10. Dakota (verified owner)

    If you don’t think you need this, you’re wrong! I have been using this product now for almost a month. The cool tingling sensation is one you will get used to after a couple uses, and it only lasts for about an hour. I used this on my thighs, around my genitals, and the underside of my butt cheeks. It lasts an entire 10 hour day of delivering packages, I even used it on the day of Pride, walked all day and no pain or anything!!! This product has been an absolute blessing.

  11. brandon (verified owner)

    Bozak is great. I am a first time purchaser of the Bozak body power and in short, I love this product. Great product for men that travel as the airline seat keep getting smaller. Give you that extra confidence and comfort all day. I am already a repeat customer. Grab some.

  12. Michael Bond (verified owner)

    Very satisfied. This stuff works great I tried the rest before I found the best . Thanks Bozak !!

  13. Mark lalama (verified owner)

    Keeping dry and fresh. A little pricey for the size

  14. john bolton (verified owner)

    Great! I like the product

  15. M. Wheeler (verified owner)

    Works better than the other products. I tried six different name brand creams and powders to get rid of my jock itch over the course of about three weeks. Some helped a bit but none of them completely took care of it, and then I tried Bozak. Within a couple of days, it was completely gone. It keeps me dry and feels great. I will definitely be purchasing this again and would recommend it!

  16. Customer (verified owner)

    This stuff works, with one minor detraction. The bottle itself was a bit smaller than I was anticipating but the actual product inside really works well. I sweat tonnes particularly when it gets hot and humid in the northeast around this time of year. So I’m thrilled that Bozak has helped with my overall body moisture level. I used some before a trail run and definitely didn’t feel as uncomfortable as I usually do when I sweat. For that reason alone, I’ll definitely repurchase and keep this on hand.My one main criticism is that the bottle arrives only 65-70% full. There’s at least another 1.5″ of space at the top that could be filled. I don’t know if that’s the case for all bottles of Bozak or just mine, but it doesn’t represent good value for money when the bottle itself is priced at $12.99. It just means I’ll use it even more sparingly from now on.

  17. Smile’in Jack (verified owner)

    Does What It’s Supposed To. Keeps you dry and cool. I found that it doesn’t have much of a scent. I guess thats either a plus or a minus depending on what your preference is. It does work. It lasted through most of the day and wasn’t gritty like some of the other products out there. I’m not sure how it would be with a lot of physical activity. It’s also a little pricey for the amount of product you’re getting, but cheaper than some others. It’s definitely nice and cool when you put it on. I recommend giving it a try

  18. Sean McLaughlin (verified owner)

    Finlly! A Product Talc Free! Finally something that is natural and works!

  19. KELLYE (verified owner)

    Get it! As a Officer that had to switch to inner vests, I spent days itching and sweeting from my vest. Used this cooling powder and instantly enjoyed it. Worth the money for officers! Trust me.

  20. Gabe C. (verified owner)

    Good for Running and Everyday Use. I started running again a few weeks ago and got this to prevent irritation. Not only is it working, I’ve started using it on off-days as well.

  21. spencer (verified owner)

    Works great. Product works great. I especially like the cap on top that does not make a mess when using like other similar products.

  22. VCGabi (verified owner)

    WAKE UP. My husband used to use talc powder daily, but after hearing the horrors it reaps on your health, we’re now a Bozak household all the way! He uses Bozak Original every morning, and I must say it puts a noticeable pep in his step. He now walks around the house proclaiming he’s “Zak’d Up”. Highly recommended!

  23. AK (verified owner)

    Good for workouts. Started using this morning before CrossFit and love it.

  24. Customer (verified owner)

    Made my Spidey senses tingle. Made my Spidey senses tingle

  25. Keith Jimenez (verified owner)

    Nice! Loving the menthol. Put it on right after a shower and you’ll really feel it.

  26. Jaime C. R (verified owner)

    Smells great, works great. I bought Bozak for my husband after a friend was raving about it, saying Bozak is a game changer. My husband plays rugby, so he says it has been a literal game changer for him. From my perspective, it smells amazing. He says it’s the best powder he’s used; keeps him cool, dry and fresh on normal days and on game days. We’ll definitely buy again.

  27. Frederick G. (verified owner)

    Tingly Fresh. Keeps me dry and fresh with just the right amount of tingle, can’t ask for more.

  28. Customer (verified owner)

    Great product. Awesome product! My husband loves it!

  29. Patrick Calleo (verified owner)

    Great product! I got my husband a bottle after he mentioned seeing an ad for it online. He seems a little too excited over it but I guess that’s a good thing?

  30. Customer (verified owner)

    Who needs name brands? Good option as far as non-talc powders go, will buy again

  31. Customer (verified owner)

    Nice! Nice powder from what looks like a nice company. Not sure how powder can be lifetime guarantee but I like that they’re putting it out there.

  32. Michael (verified owner)

    Recommend! Feels good. Recommended by a friend, and now I’m paying it forward.

  33. Frank A. Luongo (verified owner)

    Keeps me dry. Not much more to say than that. This product delivers and keeps everything dry. Using it before cardio is literally saving me a lot of pain.

  34. Customer (verified owner)

    As Cold As A Cold Wind Blows. As Cold As A Cold Wind Blows, in a good way.

  35. Kevin (verified owner)

    Talc Free! I’ve shied away from regular talc powders after reading the stories of the negative health effects associated with it. My problem with non-talc powders is that they don’t give me the level of comfort that I get from talc. This powder, however, seems different. It’s really soft and lasts on the body for a long time. I also prefer a stronger menthol content and this powder certainly delivers on that. I tested out the Bozak “Light” versions as well, which seems like a good alternative if I’m ever up for something not quite as cool to the touch. I be a repeat customer and will recommend this to others. Stay away from the talc and use this instead. Better safe than sorry.

  36. Customer (verified owner)

    5 stars. Lasts a long time and keeps me fresh and dry. You get what you pay for.

  37. JayTea (verified owner)

    Best way to start the day. Throwing this stuff on after a shower is the best way to start the day. You feel cool, fresh, and ready to go. I don’t understand why anyone wouldn’t use powder every day.

  38. Customer (verified owner)

    I’ve been looking for a good talc-free powder that has the level of menthol powder as some of the other big name brands. This is the best powder I’ve ever used. Hands. Down.

  39. Nick Gilman (verified owner)

    Outstanding product. I rode my bike into work today with a fresh coating of Bozak and you could still eat a three course meal off my bozak. Outstanding product.

  40. Kaitlin (verified owner)

    Keeps you cool and dry. You gotta love it when a product works as advertised. This powder goes on easy and doesn’t make a mess like others I have tried. Once applied, you immediately feel a cooling sensation which is nice. I used this product right before I left to go on a 6 mile hike through a state park in hot and humid central Florida, where temperatures were over 90 degrees and over 90% relative humidity. While I was sweating pretty heavily after my hike, my shirt was soaked, i was cool and dry down under. I am a big guy so usually on these day hikes I end up chafed, but I had absolutely zero irritation. I can not recommended this product enough and will definitely be purchasing again.

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