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Absorbs Sweat | Stops Friction | Talc Free

It’s time to put sweaty, stinky balls to bed. Our cooling body powder for men is designed to give your balls only the best. Our body cooling powder is formulated with a unique blend of essential oils and clinically proven ingredients that are powerhouses at absorbing moisture. The premium-grade corn starch, zinc oxide, and baking soda are the perfect trio for keeping your nether region cool and dry all day long. Plus, there’s never any talc in our cooling powder for your body. Keep the bad stuff away from your balls and experience how easy it can be to beat the heat!


Bozak Ingredients Cornstarch body powder for men


Bozak Ingredients Aloe Leaf Extract body powder for men

Aloe Leaf Extract

Bozak Ingredients Micronazole Nitrate body powder for men

Miconazole Nitrate

Bozak Ingredients Eucalyptus Oil body powder for men

Eucalyptus Oil

Bozak Ingredients Sodium Biocarbonate body powder for men

Sodium Bicarbonate

Bozak Ingredients Peppermint Oil body powder for men

Peppermint Oil

Bozak Ingredients Zink Oxide body powder for men

Zinc Oxide

Bozak Ingredients Menthol body powder for men


Bozak Ingredients Tricalcium Phosphate body powder for men

Tricalcium Phosphate

Bozak Ingredients Vitamin E bozak cooling powder

Vitamin E


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Powder For Men's Balls Motorcycle bozak cooling powder
So, how do we achieve the cooling effect your balls crave? Easy, we put a little extra menthol and peppermint oil in Bozak Original cooling powder to remind you that you’re alive – and to reduce itching, even hours later. These essential oils work double duty to provide an instant cooling sensation and make our powder smell great while remaining fragrance-free.

The best cooling talc-free powder is perfect for soothing sensitive skin, preventing heat rashes, and keeping you cool, dry, and confident throughout the day.

The cooling relief of our ball powder is perfect for those hot summer days, sweaty gym sessions, or nights out. Simply shake some on to be proactive about preventing heat rash or receive instant cooling relief when you need it the most. The best cooling powder for balls is formulated for your sensitive skin. Put the baby powder down and use powder for cooling your balls!
The best cooling body powder is also versatile. Use our cooling powder on your feet, pits, or wherever else you want instant cooling relief.

198 reviews for Bozak Cooling Powder

  1. Stephen Cox (verified owner)

    Expensive but Good. It’s a bit expensive for scented corn starch, but I love the cooling and how well it works. I use it with the Sack Sack to prevent a mess and make it easier to use.

  2. Mark D. (verified owner)

    Satisfied customer. Careful applying the product for the first time, especially if your intent is to apply to sensitive areas. I learned from experience that a little goes along way.

  3. James R (verified owner)

    Don’t use a lot of it. Little expensive for such a small bottle but you don’t really need to use a lot. You have to be careful not to waste any of it or it won’t last

  4. KAM (verified owner)

    Nice smell. Nice feeling. First time trying this powder and I love it. Great fresh smell. Goes on nice too. Leaves me feeling fresh.Only complaint is the cap is kind of hard to flip open. But at least you don’t have to worry about it opening by itself in your gym bag!

  5. 2Big Mutts (verified owner)

    Absolute must have for guys. Much much better than any type of lotion (I recently tried a very popular brand and had skin reaction) granted it’s more expensive than baby powder but I feel completely worth it. Gives you a very fresh and clean feeling.

  6. Customer (verified owner)

    Good cooling sensation! Keeps you dry, fresh, and clean feeling.

  7. Carlos M (verified owner)

    Keeps it’s fresh and dry. The cooling feeling feels like icey hot for your bozak. It takes some time to get used to it. Keeps it fresh and dry. A little pricey for me.

  8. Jeffrey Howard (verified owner)

    Works Fine but I had a Bad Reaction To It. The powder does keep you from being sweaty and what not, but I ended up in pain for two weeks after use. I ended up developing these bumps on the inside of my private area and on the inside near my testicles. Had to see a doctor as soon as possible when it happened. The areas the doctor pressed on were very tender and so I decided to stop using the product. Next thing I know the pain was gone.I waited a few weeks after to use it again as I didn’t want my money wasted and now it doesn’t give me any problems. I’m guessing its because I allowed my body to get used to it since it worked better than baby powder.

  9. ABJ (verified owner)

    Great product! I’ve used other name brand body powders but this does stand out to their competition. Drying power, scent and the refreshing sensation last all day.

  10. chris (verified owner)

    Works! Expensive but works. Leaves me smelling clean even after a hard workout. Much better than baby powder. Price is a little steep for 4 oz.

  11. Denny D (verified owner)

    Great powder. Little pricey but quality matters. Great for big guys on the go. Nice cooling effect and works all day in ballsy conditions. A little goes a long way

  12. Dahcluv (verified owner)

    Fight Sweat and odor. Excellent power for fighting sweat and odor; highly recommend for Athletes

  13. Jacob Holden (verified owner)

    It works! Tried this and liked it, I thought it was a little expensive so tried another name brand from Walmart. My jock itch came back. Bought again, and doing great. I would recommend to anyone that has an issue with sweating down below and tends to get jock itch easily.

  14. William B. (verified owner)

    Great product. Cooling feeling you get when applied

  15. Luis36603 (verified owner)

    Great for travel, it works

  16. Brian (verified owner)

    Tingle. I love the tingle you get from this product

  17. Alex Fasoli (verified owner)

    Bozak Rocks! A bit Pricey but works great !

  18. Sheldon B. (verified owner)

    It works! I wish the scent was a little better. You know, something other than a menthol smell. But it does work. I use it to prevent swamp butt as well as odor control for my junk.

  19. BIS (verified owner)

    Life-Saver. I’ve tried a number of products to deal with moisture and less than comfortable conditions in my nether regions. Needless to say nothing has ever worked like Bozak. I decided to give it a try, and I am extremely surprised as to how effective this stuff is. I have even done some “torture tests” to see how well and how long it will protect for… The “Original Cooling” powder is nice because it lets you know where exactly where it has been applied. The cooling sensation is just right and lasts only a couple of minutes, unless you put on way too much, in which case you might feel like you rubbed Bengay and it will take a little while for the effect to go away. If that cooling sensation is all too risky for you, then the “light” formulation ( Here: ) might be the way to go… I use it for areas where I definitely do not want the cooling effect and it is perfect! It is just as effective as the Cooling powder, so there is nothing truly “light” about it. Both work just as well for me and I love both. There is no particular smell that I can tell. The feeling of dryness when you first apply it is crazy, almost like applying a hydrophobic coating to a fabric. This stuff is really special and I hope Bozak will continue advancing their technology and their container (the lid can be really tough to open) but I guess they are trying to keep the contents sealed nice and tight in there.I also think it would be awesome if this could be developed into some kind of “spray” form, for hard-to-reach areas, and for bigger people with mobility issues.

  20. Miguel (verified owner)

    Perfect for the worker with long hours. I needed something that could keep me fresh and prevent chafing since my work hours are long and hard.

  21. ILoveLamp (verified owner)

    Keeps your n00tz fressssshhhhhhhhhhh. Works well to help you stay fresh all day down there. Better than making ball soup or getting swamp a$$.

  22. Bandaru (verified owner)

    No more sticky balls syndrome (SBS). Why didn’t I find this earlier? This stuff does wonders. The menthol gives a nice tingle, it lasts pretty much all day, and it works magnificently. No more sticky stinky balls for me! WOOHOO!

  23. Nick McInerny (verified owner)

    Fine quality. Works

  24. Skred (verified owner)

    Goes way further than store brand!! I’ve really liked this .been using other products for years. This feels much lighter than others. I mean eventually there’s sweat but let’s be honest I’ve tried every powder and nothing has ever lasted all day with the physical labor in hot conditions I do. I waited through 2 bottles to write a review. My 2nd bottle just kicked. While it seems small it lasts sooo much longer. I got 50 days out of a bottle. Everyday and alot of times twice a day. Really commend them on the 3 nice small holes. Big brands I felt like no matter how light u squeeze I’d end up with half in my socks. This makes this price point way lower than what you think you’re spending. Buy the 2 for 20 and your getting more than 3 months of powder. Nothing I’ve tried ever compared to that. Besides having a superior product with no talc I think the price point ends up lower. Great job guys on an awesome product. My nuts are nice and cool!!!

  25. Guadalupe Garcia (verified owner)

    Buy it! Dry and fresh! It’s awesome an product!

  26. Patchy Fog (verified owner)

    This is the best! No talc, cooling, and it will keep you dry. What more is there? I use this powder in the usual place and my shoes/boots. I honestly don’t know how my feet managed without this powder! A real blessing!Now I like the fact that fresh outta the container, the menthol scent opens the nostrils as well as Chinese mustard on an egg roll. The scent is short lived — you will not go around all day thinking you are wearing eucalyptus in your shorts and shoes. Give it a go!

  27. Roderick Scott (verified owner)

    Works great. Love this powder works good only thing is it’s really small and would be better in a bigger size.

  28. Russell D. hicks (verified owner)


  29. Michael B. Demuro (verified owner)

    Treat Ur boys. Treat your boys – very nice powder. Worth the money.

  30. Seth Spitulski (verified owner)

    Great for balls in the summer. Feels nice and minty. Does the job well.

  31. Adam B (verified owner)

    Good smell. Lasts all day. First time user of body powder and it’s a game changer. I do a lot of walking during my work day and this keeps me dry and comfortable.

  32. Rita Villafa (verified owner)

    Good quality. It’s so good

  33. W D S (verified owner)

    Good stuff for your boys. Like it and would buy again

  34. GarandM1 (verified owner)

    It’s worth it. If I were a time traveler I would take this back In time and give it to myself. I can’t believe I’ve made it this far in life without this ball powder.

  35. Orion (verified owner)

    Anti swamp crotch talc free buy it. This works amazingling. It works best with non cotton underwear. Something that wicks sweat away. I stay dry all day thank god no more swamp croth or ball must, bozak saved my life.

  36. Dp28 (verified owner)

    Would buy again. I like this body powder as it does a great job keeping you dry between your legs. Doesn’t go everywhere when applying. Stays put.

  37. J Lewis (verified owner)

    Not 100%! As you can see from the photos, the container is only about 3/4 full. I am disappointed that it arrived today this way.

  38. Robert Gering (verified owner)

    Cool Powder to solve a sticky issue. This powered is perfect, it does not have much of a sent so no old man smell. Does not contain Talc…but it lasts. I like the Manley bottle and product name. My fellas run free.

  39. mary l (verified owner)

    Stops Chafing. This product works great

  40. Customer (verified owner)


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