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Absorbs Sweat | Stops Friction | Talc Free

It’s time to put sweaty, stinky balls to bed. Our cooling body powder for men is designed to give your balls only the best. Our body cooling powder is formulated with a unique blend of essential oils and clinically proven ingredients that are powerhouses at absorbing moisture. The premium-grade corn starch, zinc oxide, and baking soda are the perfect trio for keeping your nether region cool and dry all day long. Plus, there’s never any talc in our cooling powder for your body. Keep the bad stuff away from your balls and experience how easy it can be to beat the heat!


Bozak Ingredients Cornstarch body powder for men


Bozak Ingredients Aloe Leaf Extract body powder for men

Aloe Leaf Extract

Bozak Ingredients Micronazole Nitrate body powder for men

Miconazole Nitrate

Bozak Ingredients Eucalyptus Oil body powder for men

Eucalyptus Oil

Bozak Ingredients Sodium Biocarbonate body powder for men

Sodium Bicarbonate

Bozak Ingredients Peppermint Oil body powder for men

Peppermint Oil

Bozak Ingredients Zink Oxide body powder for men

Zinc Oxide

Bozak Ingredients Menthol body powder for men


Bozak Ingredients Tricalcium Phosphate body powder for men

Tricalcium Phosphate

Bozak Ingredients Vitamin E bozak cooling powder

Vitamin E


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Powder For Men's Balls Motorcycle bozak cooling powder
So, how do we achieve the cooling effect your balls crave? Easy, we put a little extra menthol and peppermint oil in Bozak Original cooling powder to remind you that you’re alive – and to reduce itching, even hours later. These essential oils work double duty to provide an instant cooling sensation and make our powder smell great while remaining fragrance-free.

The best cooling talc-free powder is perfect for soothing sensitive skin, preventing heat rashes, and keeping you cool, dry, and confident throughout the day.

The cooling relief of our ball powder is perfect for those hot summer days, sweaty gym sessions, or nights out. Simply shake some on to be proactive about preventing heat rash or receive instant cooling relief when you need it the most. The best cooling powder for balls is formulated for your sensitive skin. Put the baby powder down and use powder for cooling your balls!
The best cooling body powder is also versatile. Use our cooling powder on your feet, pits, or wherever else you want instant cooling relief.

198 reviews for Bozak Cooling Powder

  1. Reggie Thistleton (verified owner)

    Drain the Swamp. Ok so let’s be real. I got a sweaty sack. Taint is like a Marsh land. It’s no fun. In fact I would say it’s about the opposite of fun. So I came on here to look for something to help me out. This stuff is called Bozack so I knew I was in the right spot since the name sorta sounds like ball sack. Smack some of this powder on your region and it seems to stay fairly dry. Has a nice little tingle too…

  2. Joel Navarro (verified owner)

    This stuff is the best! This stuff is clutch! Will be ordering again!

  3. Customer (verified owner)

    Great! Good long lasting comfort

  4. Charles murray (verified owner)

    Great product. Great product and value

  5. Paul G. Brooks (verified owner)

    Best powder for men. I’ve tried quite a few others and Bozak comes out the winner. Very cooling and fresh feeling. Will be purchasing again.

  6. Mario (verified owner)

    Great! This product works as adverstised. Will probably buy again.

  7. Ilovered (verified owner)

    Great product. My husband loves this product

  8. Bor (verified owner)

    Silky smooth – best customer service. This product is silky smooth unlike any powder I have tried before. For me the menthol smell was too strong and it almost burned. I contacted the seller and they not only refunded my purchase but sent me a copy of their light version. Talk about going the extra mile. This product is a must buy.Now it only has 3 holes for the powder to come out and somehow I made a bigger mess on my first use than with those other bottles that has 10 or so holes.

  9. McCtruth (verified owner)

    Where have you been all my life? It’s like my taint is smoking a menthol…78stars.

  10. Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain (verified owner)

    Perfect for your fellas and your pits. Makes the nether regions feel like there’s a crisp mountain breeze. I also use them on my armpits when my pits become sensitive to whatever deo stick I’m using at the time.

  11. Joe (verified owner)

    Outstanding customer service, they stand behind their product! There is no doubt this product works to keep you dry, just didn’t like the scent.

  12. ray miller (verified owner)

    Nothing great. It’s medicated powder. Whoopie not worth it

  13. Brenda Hisel (verified owner)

    Cool them down! Keeps it cool! No strong fragrance which is great for people with sensitive skin

  14. bob covey (verified owner)


  15. Mynamehere (verified owner)

    Nice and cooling! Every man should be buying this

  16. john (verified owner)

    Kind of a Weird Hybrid. Just got this, it seems pretty solid as a Powder. For scent, it basically is like a faint Peppermint scent but it’s not super Strong and then like a hint of a medicinal backnote. It does have that cooling / menthol effect similar to Gold Bond but it’s not nearly as intense of a feeling or smell (you know that Medicated Gold Bond scent is SUPER strong) I haven’t used this at work or anything but I can already tell that this stuff is probably pretty good, just have to reapply through the day depending on how much you Sweat.

  17. TheMountainLife (verified owner)

    Works well. You have to use it daily to benefit overall. Whenever I forget, I can definitely tell the difference. Main use is when I’m gonna be working in the sun all day and or camping. I like that the name and label isn’t obvious incase TSA decides to rummage through your stuff.The ingredients are quite strong so there’s no need to apply much. If you do you’ll feel like you’re receiving a menthol chemical burn and will soon have nothing left down there.

  18. Rosendo Herrera Cruz (verified owner)

    Good. Nice

  19. Ryan Horstman (verified owner)

    Decent product, works like it says it will. This stuff works. Since quarantine, I’ve been doing more weight lifting and my thighs got bigger. I live in MN and the weather is finally nice. My legs chaff when it’s too hot. If I put this stuff before I take a long walk it really helps. It is ‘cooling’ and that does feel good. But just so you are aware.

  20. Scott P. (verified owner)

    Bozac for the ba__sack. Mixed emotions about the product. Here are my observations:1) Smell- Love it, smells great.2) Powder- almost too fine so it’s hard to get it to go where you want it.3) Tingles- OK…I have mixed emotions about this. You put too much on it feels refreshing. But put too much on and you will be looking for a tool to wipe the excess off very quickly.4) The name “Bozak”…why don’t they just go for it and name it “ball sack”~~!

  21. Patrick Millman (verified owner)

    I like this stuff, I just don’t want to pay for it. I really want to buy this stuff at a lower price and in larger quantities. this is just too expensive for the amount you get. Bottle weigh more than the amount of powder you get out of them.

  22. Lancaster (verified owner)

    Rainforest + Fiji Islands. Got this product this morning in the mail. I could tell of a minty smell when I was opening the packaging.. after I open it I put a dab where it needed to go between them bad boys. As I was putting it on I could feel the cooling refreshing of a minty rainforest coming over me as I was applying this white Jewel powder.Then all of a sudden I put another layer on the other side as I was breathing in this fresh mint to smell of Fiji islands that I’ve never been to. To my surprise I imagine myself laying in the Fiji island relaxing taking it easy having no worries no troubles of this world. When I was getting ready to close the lid I said to bottle you’re a lifesaver. You give Daddy some excellentrelief. Then I said Good Boy!!!!

  23. Lloyd in Fort Washington, MD (verified owner)

    Works better than old-style baby powder. Couldn’t find the old-style baby powder anymore so we tried this instead. Like it even better than the old stuff. It’s a bit expensive but well worth it.

  24. anonymousl (verified owner)

    It works. Seems to be effective and like that there is no talc!

  25. Consumer D (verified owner)

    For The Ladies. I love to use powder to stay comfortable and dry. I don’t have sweaty ball sacks, but I sweat under arms, and anywhere the skin may rub together. The powder helps in these immediate areas. The ingredients are well blended and not irritating to my skin. I will purchase again.

  26. Scott W (verified owner)

    Great product. Works well. Bottle lasts a long time.

  27. zach (verified owner)

    I’ll keep buying it. I love this stuff. It works great on the giblets! And… pretty much wherever you would like to stay dry! Not trying to knock other products but I have used gold bond, manscaped, fromunda, and others and this, for me is great. I was an OR nurse and always moving, now working in another department and still moving a lot and i just bought the double pack because I liked my first single bottle so much. It also lasts a lot longer than you would think when you first feel the bottle it seems it wouldn’t last long but it goes a long way! I recommend.

  28. Destiny Iorg (verified owner)

    Great! Works well

  29. TS (verified owner)

    It’s like a party in your pants. Why not have a party in your pants on those hot midwest summer days?

  30. Zach Scott (verified owner)

    Great product. Works as described. Keep you nice and fresh for over 24 hours. Can highly recommended.

  31. Big Daddy J (verified owner)

    Great for big guys. I am a big guy and this work great, I keep trying different stuff so I know what works, this does.

  32. Lisa (verified owner)

    Works great will order again. Works wonderfully will order more

  33. Lab Rat (verified owner)

    Better than smelly talc, but… Bought this to try. It doesn’t have a baby powder smell and that’s great and it doesn’t smell medicated either. My problem was it didn’t seem to last as long as most talc powders

  34. Benjamin Rast (verified owner)

    “Cooling Protection” Can Be Uncomfortable. The container says, “4oz of Cooling Protection.” It delivers! Much the same way a bag of ice or smear of Icy Hot against one’s bare gonads is cooling. A decidedly uncomfortable proposition! However, after about 15-20 minutes, the level of cooling comes down to something more acceptable and more like what I’d expected. If you can withstand 15-20 minutes of cryogenic crotch, then you’ll find a comfort level that makes it almost worth the initial discomfort.

  35. Benjamin Rast (verified owner)

    “Cooling Protection” Can Be Uncomfortable. The container says, “4oz of Cooling Protection.” It delivers! Much the same way a bag of ice or smear of Icy Hot against one’s bare gonads is cooling. A decidedly uncomfortable proposition! However, after about 15-20 minutes, the level of cooling comes down to something more acceptable and more like what I’d expected. If you can withstand 15-20 minutes of cryogenic crotch, then you’ll find a comfort level that makes it almost worth the initial discomfort.

  36. Dianne Whiteheart (verified owner)

    Nice clean smell. Husband loved it

  37. Lyle (verified owner)

    Good stuff. This stuff is great, I use it in the Middle East on deployment

  38. Danny Hartman (verified owner)

    I feel so much better. It’s as good as a great deodorant. You know? It does its job so well that you don’t even remember using it until you forget one day. This is how I feel about this.It applies chilly, but then subsides after about five minutes. I use it right out of the shower, so I apply with my hand and it goes on really well. This is how I would advise using it. Apply just before undergarments for maximum effect.

  39. James C Powell (verified owner)

    Works good. Keeps you dry without being pasty.

  40. DeCouboy (verified owner)

    Nice Powder! Feels great!

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