Man holding an electric razor and safety razor in both hands

Need some advice on how to shave your balls with a shaving stick? No worries, we’ve got you covered.

We know it can feel daunting to take a razor to your sensitive bits, and that’s why we’re here to help you learn how to achieve a silky smooth sack with a shaving stick. Read on for all our favorite tips and tricks for how to shave your balls the old-fashioned way.

So, What’s a Shaving Stick?

We know, we know, shaving stick can be a bit of an ambiguous term. For some people, a shaving stick is a type of shaving soap that comes in a convenient stick and lathers well. Others may be thinking of those sticks barbers have on hand to quickly seal up nicks. 

So, let’s be clear. When we’re talking about a shaving stick we’re talking about your classic safety razor. Nothing fancy and something you likely already have on hand.

Clippers vs Men’s Shaving Stick

No matter where you’re shaving your face or your balls, there are often two methods of hair removal to choose from: Clippers or razors. 

A ball trimmer is great for getting rid of bulk. They’re easy to use (no shaving cream necessary) and can trim up your pubic hair in no time. Plus, they’re relatively safe and reduce the risk of you cutting yourself. However, the experts at Dollar Shave Club warn you to never use a ball trimmer directly on your balls because it could catch the skin.

On the other hand, shaving sticks can be a little more difficult to wield and you have a higher risk of nicks and cuts from the sharp blade. But a razor helps you get that close shave you crave. They’re also more affordable than an electric trimmer and you can use a new razor every time to achieve a smooth shave.

There’s no right or wrong choice here. Whether you choose to use a ball trimmer or a safety razor is ultimately up to the results you want and your comfort level. However, most guys use a combination of both to get their balls super smooth.

Shaving Stick Tips and Tricks

Now, for what you’ve been waiting for. Here are some tips for how to shave your balls with a shaving stick:

Prepare Your Pubic Area

Preparing your pubes can go a long way in helping you get a clean shave with your shaving stick. Use an electric ball trimmer to trim your bush to around half a centimeter so your razor still has enough to grab. Keep your skin taut as you trim.

Find the Best Shaving Stick for Pubic Hair

Then, you want to make sure you have the right materials on hand. Along with a solid ball trimmer, you’ll want a high-quality shaving stick. The best shaving stick for pubic hair often has a single blade instead of multiple to minimize skin dragging.

Make sure to practice with your shaving stick on other body hair, like your face, so you can get the hang of things before putting it near your balls.

Best Shaving Stick for Sensitive Skin

If you notice that typical razors irritate the skin, you may want to invest in a razor for sensitive skin. After all, you don’t want to deal with uncomfortable razor burn or ingrown hairs down there. 

According to Men’s Health, look for a men’s shaving stick with things like a safety guard and lubricating strips that can help soothe sensitive skin.

Shave in the Shower

While you don’t have to shave your balls in the shower, it may be easier for a couple of reasons. First, warm water can help soften the course pubic hair follicles and, most importantly, will help your balls hang loose and make the skin more stretchy to help you shave.

What About Shaving Cream?

Shaving cream can be messy, but it does help you achieve a smooth shave. 

However, according to Adult Man, shaving cream isn’t a necessity when shaving your balls. You can also opt for a shave oil or shave butter that lets you see exactly what you’re doing so you don’t miss a hair or accidentally nick yourself.

Slow and Steady Wins the Race

When it comes time to actually shave your balls with a shaving stick, it’s best to go slow and steady. Pull the skin taut and shave in the direction your hair grows. This all prevents your skin from getting nicked.

Aftercare is Key

After your balls are smooth to your liking, don’t forget to give them some extra TLC. Using after-shave balm can help soothe the area and prevent bacteria from growing. And for everyday use, you can keep your balls cool and dry with Bozak men’s body powder. 

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