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It’s time to kick jock itch to the curb. The best jock itch cream gets to work in minutes to stop uncomfortable itching in its tracks. The unique blend of clinically proven ingredients works together to control friction and stop chafing that can lead to rashes and fungal infections. While the addition of aloe leaf and oat extract soothe your sensitive skin. But the real star of our cream for itchy balls is Miconazole Nitrate. This hero ingredient cures fungal infections like athlete’s foot and jock itch in no time.


Bozak Ingredients Cornstarch body powder for men


Bozak Ingredients Aloe Leaf Extract body powder for men

Aloe Leaf Extract

Bozak Ingredients Micronazole Nitrate body powder for men

Micronazole Nitrate

Bozak Ingredients Oat Extract bozak cooling cream

Oat Extract

Bozak Ingredients Zink Oxide body powder for men

Zinc Oxide

Bozak Ingredients Vitamin E bozak cooling powder

Vitamin E

Bozak Ingredients Soy Lecithin bozak cooling cream

Soy Lecithin

*Includes Other Inactive Ingredients

This isn’t your typical ball itch cream. Our powerhouse ingredients provide the dual action to both treat and prevent fungal infections to help keep your sensitive skin feeling great and dry all day long. And, our antifungal jock itch cream is never made with talc powder so you can always feel good about what you’re putting on your balls.
If you don’t like the mess body powder makes, our ball cream is a great alternative. The best cream for jock itch can also be used to treat athlete’s foot since they’re both types of fungal skin infections known as tinea. No matter where the itch strikes, you can be confident that Bozak antifungal cream can help.


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Bozak Powder For Men's Balls Skateboarding bozak pure cream

4 reviews for Bozak Pure Cream

  1. douglass purdy (verified owner)

    works great

  2. PETER SCHMIEMANN (verified owner)

    Too much cooling feeling. Cooling menthol was too strong for me

  3. David Wickberg (verified owner)

    Worth the Wait! I saw the product mentioned as help against Jock Itch. When I tried to order it I found it was not available, I signed up for notification when it was available again, and I’m really glad I did. I really like the product, it has really helped against periodic Jock Itch flare ups and is super East to use, plus no poeter marks on the flor after applying.

    Best Regards,


  4. Jeff Gaudet (verified owner)

    Great Product, Fast Shipment This product works better than most others out there and usually get it in a day or two

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